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Minibuses are very popular in the EU countries. Why? Because they are useful and multipurpose, they can accommodate even large families, and Europeans often gather together for family celebrations and other events. 
You can notice cars of this class parked next to every third European house. In other countries and on other continents this type of transport is no less valued, therefore except home people often take minibuses for rent on trips. 
The cost of the service is much cheaper than renting two or more passenger cars.

  • There is no need for the family or company to stay separately in different vehicles.
  • You can continue to discuss family matters or work issues during the trip.
  • You do not have to catch up with each other when lost in the traffic.

This is only a part of the advantages of using minibuses for passengers and driver.


For which purposes do you mostly need to rent a minibus in Tallinn

Renting a minibus has been a common practice in Tallinn for several decades. In recent years, this sphere of vehicle rental has reached a truly European level of quality.You should choose a nine-seat minibus if 

  • you need to meet a small group of people and provide safe and not expensive transfer;
  • your own vehicle is out of order and is under long-term repair;
  • a small group of people arrives and there is no opportunity and need to transport them on several vehicles;
  • residents of Tallinn and tourists want to move comfortably around the city or want to leave the city in one vehicle, but the number of people exceeds the limit of the most spacious passenger vehicle;
  • children, parents and grandparents go on a family trip and want to transport in the usual vehicle
  • only one vehicle is needed to transfer guests of the event (wedding, anniversary, company party, sports competition, etc.)

Models of the latest generation of minibuses from the world's leading car manufacturers are reliable, safe, and their interiors are spacious, roomy and comfortable. This is the reason why renting a minibus in Tallinn is so popular. It allows you to solve many problems.

Rent a minibus in Estonia from Sky Autorent

Satisfying all the client's needs requires not only a high responsibility of the renter, but also an equally high quality of rented minibuses and professional experience in this market segment. 

  • All our clients receive a professional, personalized service.
  • Minibuses undergo regular maintenance
  • All cars in our vehicle fleet are insured (compulsory insurance and hull insurance) 
  • Cars are issued clean inside and out

We are always happy to receive repeated requests for renting a minibus or any other vehicle from our fleet. You can book a vehicle by calling +372-555-111-94 or using the convenient booking form on the website.

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