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Rental conditions


The Lessee must be at least 19 years old and have a valid driving license. The ID card or passport and driver’s license must be presented when formalizing the contract.

Delivery and return of the rental car

Renting and returning of rental cars takes place by agreement made in advance, at Kadaka tee 185c, Tallinn

Delivery and return of rental car during working hours within the city of Tallinn costs 20.- EUR and removal 20.- EUR. Be sure to call us before you confirm.

At other times and outside the boundaries of the city of Tallinn, delivery and / or car removal will be agreed upon.

Confirmation of reservation

When you make a reservation, the order that you have entered will automatically be sent to your e-mail. The reservation is confirmed if there is a confirmation made by the rental company by e-mail or telephone. If the order is placed less than 24h before the rent starts, the desired car class and timely confirmation or timely sending of non-confirmation cannot be guaranteed. The SKY Autorent OÜ has the right to replace the ordered car in the absence of a larger car or a car in the same class by maintaining the price according to the order.


Car rental services are paid in cash or by bank card upon delivery of the car.


Renting a car requires a deposit of 200-320 EUR depending on the car. The deposit will be released to the Lessee upon the return of the car in the absence of complaints. The Lessor reserves the right, in exceptional cases, to ask for a larger deposit than usual.

If the customer has been abroad using a rental car, the deposit will be released on the card within two weeks. 

Condition of vehicle

The rental car is handed over to the Lessee in a washed and technically sound condition. The fuel display data is indicated in the contract. The amount of fuel to be returned must be the same, otherwise the amount of missing fuel will be recovered from the customer +10 euro for refueling. When you pick up a car, we recommend that you carefully review it and require that all damages (including scratches) be included in the lease agreement, otherwise you may be guilty of any damage that the vehicle already had.

If the vehicle needs chemical cleaning of the salon on return, it will cost you 100 EUR.

If the car is used on gravel roads or if the car is returned in a state significantly dirtier compared to the rate of contamination during the handover, please, go to a car wash before returning the car or pay 10 euro when returning the car.

Smoking in the car

Smoking in the car is strictly prohibited! The fine is 200 euro


All insurances are included. The Lessor’s personal liability for a casualty is 320 Euro and 15% of the cost of the vehicle in case of a car theft.


Mileage restriction

The rental for 1-29 days of the rental period includes 200 km of free mileage. The rest is at a price of 0.1 euro / km.

Rental period of 30+ days includes up to 4000 km / 1 month. A surcharge of 0.1 euro / km is applied when the limit is exceeded.

Area of ​​use

It is not allowed to drive outside of Estonia without the written consent of the Sky Autorent OÜ


When renting a vehicle, these terms and conditions and the general terms and conditions of the rental agreement apply to the Lessee. In the event of any inconsistency between the terms and conditions of the Rental Agreement and these Terms and Conditions, these Terms and Conditions apply.

Traveling abroad without giving a notice thereof to the Sky Autorent OÜ – The fine is 300 euro

Auto start assistance (if the customer is guilty) – 40 euro

Not informing about parking penaltyThe fine is 50 € + parking penalty. In case the customer fails to pay the fine, the Sky Autorent OÜ will forward the case to the bailiff

Returning your car later than a specified time 

1 hour late = + 4 €

2 hours late = + 8 €

3 hours late = + 12 €

4 hours late = + 16 €

More than 4 hours late is counted as + 1 day

The SKY Autorent OÜ has the right to refuse to rent the car.